10 Freaky Ghost Photobombs That Will Make You A Believer

Nope, it isn't Photoshop! There's a little something extra in the background of these photographs. Ghost or not? You decide.

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    Scary Selfie

    When 26 year-old Natasha Boden took a selfie of her newly-dyed blonde hair, she was shocked to see a ghostly photobomber over her shoulder. Boden immediately grabbed her daughter and fled the home. Adding to the mystery, six weeks before Boden had taken this strange selfie, undertakers had knocked on her door "to collect the body." She'd written it off as a mistaken address before, but after snapping this photo, now she's not so sure.

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    Spectral Image Appears at the Stanley Hotel

    You may have heard of the Stanley Hotel. It has a long history of ghostly activity, and horror master Stephen King has declared it a major inspiration for his terrifying novel "The Shining." In April 2016, hotel guest Henry Yau was taking photos around the stately hotel when he snapped a panorama photo of the hotel's lobby and grand stairwell. When he took the pic, the stairwell was completely empty... yet when he looked at the photos later, he noticed the image of a woman standing at the top left landing of the stairs. Paranormal investigators have since identified the image of a child standing next to the woman's spirit as well.

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    No One Else Was Home, So Who Is That?

    This image, uploaded to Imgur, shows a little girl in her living room. Her mother had taken the photo, but the thing is, no one else was home. It was just the girl and her mom... so who is that watching them from the dining room?

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    Photobombing the Happy Couple

    Kevin and Christina Denis shared this happy photo on Facebook, claiming it was their favorite photo taken on their wedding day. It wasn't until they put it online that everyone pointed out the creepy face wedged between them in the image. They claim this face does not belong to anyone who attended their wedding, and no one who was there recognized it.

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    Party-Crashing Ghost

    These two women were all dressed up and ready for a night on the town... and then this happened.

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    A Ghostly Swim

    Kim Davison of Queensland, Australia was swimming with her adult friend and their three children when this photo was taken. Later, they saw that a fourth child appeared in between the two adults, but there was no one there when the picture was taken. The mystery deepened when they learned that 100 years earlier, a 13 year-old girl named Doreen O'Sullivan had drowned in the very same swimming hole.

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    Two-Faced Woman?

    This selfie was uploaded to Twitter, where it quickly went viral. It's just a normal selfie, but check out the reflection in the glass behind the couple. How can the woman be looking in two directions at once?!

  9. 8

    Watch Out Behind You, Kids

    While vacationing in Leeds, UK, this family took several photos in front of the ruins of an old castle. Later, they discovered that in one of the photos, a ghostly image appears behind the children inside the archway of the ruins.

  10. 9

    A Ghost in One of the Oldest Restaurants in New Orleans?

    Ian Wrin and April Russ were dining at Tujague's, the second oldest restaurant in the city, when they took this selfie. Rumor has it that Julian Eltinge, a famous cross-dressing actor of the silent film era, was a regular at the restaurant. His photo used to hang on the wall right where this ghostly image appeared, and the resemblance is uncanny. After the restaurant owners put the framed photograph back up on the wall, the spectre never appeared again.

  11. 10

    Grandpa Is Still Hanging Around

    This photo was taken of a grandmother at a picnic on visiting day at the nursing home. Her husband stands protectively behind her. The only problem? Her husband had been dead for years when this photo was taken.

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