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Kittens Born In A Cramped Stairwell Put On A Brave Face As Rescuers Try To Reach Them

When a mother cat gives birth to a litter of kittens, it is a reason for celebration! After all, what’s more adorable than watching a mama kitty cuddle up with her brand new (and adorable) brood?

For mother cats, having a safe, warm place to deliver their kittens is key. While they are naturally inclined to seclude themselves during delivery, pet owners everywhere know how important it is to get the mother and her babies seen by a vet quickly.

Unfortunately, not every mother cat has an owner looking out for her during her pregnancy and delivery. For stray cats, delivery can be a scary and dangerous ordeal. That’s where Hope For Paws comes in, and in one particular instance, their actions may have saved a few very tiny lives…

Rescue organization Hope For Paws was called to the scene of a building where a mother cat had given birth to four very sick little kittens. Residents had tried to reach them for days, but the space was just too small for them to enter.


When the rescue workers arrived, they realized that time was running out for these poor kittens. But that didn’t dissuade them from taking action! The organization’s founder, Eldad Hagar, forced his way into the tiny space to get to the kittens before it was too late.


While the humans were desperate to help the little kittens, the kittens were simply terrified at being confronted by this strange intruder in their home who was reaching out and grabbing them. They were terrified, but Eldad knew he had to remove them as quickly and as gently as possible if they were going to have a chance to survive.


Some of the kittens were in better shape than the others. When their brothers and sisters were pulled away from the crawlspace and out toward the light, they mewed fiercely. Even though they were sick, it was clear that they still wanted to protect each other.


Eldad realized that the last kitten remaining in the crawlspace was blind and thus all the more panic-stricken. Eldad used debris to coax the cat in his direction. Then Eldad petted him and soothed him until the kitten let himself be pulled to safety.

The final kitten was passed to safe hands, and Eldad felt a momentary rush of relief knowing that the hardest part—getting to the kittens and freeing them—was done. Now it was time to get them healthy, but the team wasn’t sure what they were in for yet.


Eldad found it a lot more difficult to get out of the crawlspace than it was to get in! Now that the kittens were safe, he no longer was powered by the adrenaline that had sent him directly into the hole to save them, and he struggled to get himself out.


Although the kittens were rescued, there was still more to do. Their mother had kept a safe distance from the scene during the rescue, and she appeared watchful but wary. The rescuers knew that the kittens needed to get back to their mom as soon as possible… but first, they’d have to catch her!


The mother cat was difficult to catch. The group was lucky to have captured her kittens first, because they were the only thing that kept her from running away full stop! Even though she was proving hard to wrangle, but the group made their best attempts.


Eventually the rescuers used a safe, baited trap and waited for the mother cat to emerge. She did, and the rescuers were quickly able to get the mother and all her kittens to the veterinarian for much-needed care. Still, the kittens’ fate was uncertain. Would they be okay?


Rescuers feared the worst, but once they got the kittens and their mother to the vet, all of the animals were able to be treated successfully. Even the sickest, blind little kitten was eventually able to see once again!


The vets and the rescue team named the kittens Cabbage, Kale, Arugula, and Broccolini, and the mom was named Parsley! All of them are happy and healthy and ready to meet their new forever families. Watch the whole video to see their rescue in real time…

What an amazing rescue—and it’s all thanks to the Hope for Paws team and their dedicated work. The fact that they go to such lengths for animals time and again is truly an example and a gift.

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h/t Honest To Paws

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