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This Kid Interrupted A Live Weather Broadcast With Hilarious Words Of Wisdom


Mustafa Gatollari

There are some things that are hilarious no matter what your age. Like farts. My son isn’t even a year and a half old yet and he cracks up whenever me, my wife, or he farts. He crinkles his nose and says, “butt butt” and then giggles a bit.

I’m nearing 31 years old and can safely say that I find farts as funny (if not funnier) than I did when I was in elementary school. Just hearing someone fart makes me chuckle.

So, you can only imagine how tickled pink I would be if I saw someone literally attack someone with a fart. Like run up to them unawares and unload their butt gases upon them.

That’s right, this kid gave his own forecast of “farts and toots.” If he doesn’t have a career in meteorology, then he’s got one in comedy.

Because that’s seriously hilarious.

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