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Justin Trudeau’s Face When Trump Went For A Handshake Is Priceless

“I know where it’s been, and I know it wasn’t consenting.”

Justin Trudeau is known as Canada’s Golden Boy. He’s young, kind-hearted, has an open policy for refugees, and is all about charity and giving back to the people. He’s also in incredible shape and is super, duper, dreamy.

Donald Trump is the complete opposite.

So the impending meeting between the two of them was one that everyone was desperately looking forward to.

Well it finally happened this past Monday, and although it was just a run-of-the-mill meet and greet between two world leaders, something surfaced.


Namely this amazing photo that was captured right before Trudeau shook Donald Trump’s hand.


It was if in that split-second Trudeau couldn’t betray himself and revealed what he and much of the world felt about the Donald’s presidency.

And, of course, the internet took notice of the photo and had a lot to say about it.







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