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Just 21 Subway Riders That Will Make You Question Humanity

When you take public transportation, you’re bound to see some characters. Everyone has their own story and their own weird “thing.” Living in New York City, I’ve come to terms with strange birds on the Subway – but, my favorite past-time is to “people watch” and come up with ridiculous stories about who they are and where they’ve come from.

And, with these people – I’d have a field day.

1. What kind of black magic is this?

2. Chucky’s worst nightmare.

3. Is the grass greener on that side of the train?

4. Do you really have to take up two seats with your hair?

5. There’s a difference between a toy shop and a sex toy shop, Mom.

6. Nothing to see here, folks.

7. He heard Winter was coming.

8. Johnny Depp’s arch enemy.

9. He embraces NYC’s rat problem.

10. On their way to Hogwarts.

11. Oh…Okay.

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