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Jollibee Apologizes For Viral “Versace on the Floor” Dance Cover By One Of Their Mascots

Apparently, it wasn’t a kid’s party but it was the branch’s 2nd anniversary.

Jollibee, dubbed as Asia’s answer to McDonald’s in the fast food business, has been loved by many Filipinos and foreigners as well. As a matter of fact, Jollibee has expanded throughout many countries in the world, sharing their Pinoy version of McDonald’s.

In the Philippines, every Jollibee branch is known for how good their mascots can actually dance. The people under these mascots are skilled dancers, and wearing the costume makes it cuter and funnier. However, a recent video showing Jollibee dancing to Bruno Mar’s “Versace on the Floor” has left many netizens disappointed, claiming that the performance wasn’t appropriate for children.

Netizens quickly pointed out that the way the mascot danced was against the rules, and was definitely inappropriate, given that the song was a slow-paced track about his connection with a woman, whose Versace dress rests on the floor while they enjoy each other’s company.

However, some netizens claimed that the party wasn’t a children’s party, but was actually the branch’s 2nd anniversary, and there were no children present. Nevertheless, many netizens claim it isn’t appropriate and should not be watched by children.

In response to this, the Jollibee corporation released an apology letter to all those who were affected and offended by the video:

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