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‘Hipster’ Snake Is Born With Sunglasses And An Ironic Mustache

While many creatures share common characteristics, the animal kingdom is still an unendingly diverse place. In addition to their physical differences, it seems that some creatures just have a little more, well… style.

Recently, Texas Parks and Wildlife discovered a snake that you’ve definitely never heard of before. Not only that, but you’re not going to believe why the Internet is freaking out over this reptile’s unique look!

That is, it’s a unique look for a snake. If you’ve spent any time in Brooklyn, or attended an Arcade Fire concert, he might look a bit familiar!

Also known as black snakes, or by their scientific name, Pantherophis obsoletus, Western rat snakes are quite populous in central North America. It’s not too uncommon to spot one that looks just like this, for instance!

Sherseydc / Wikimedia Commons

While they seem scary at first, there’s good news, especially if you live in regions where these snakes are most common. They’re actually not particularly dangerous to humans; in fact, they make great pets!

DerrickDude / Wikimedia Commons

With a record total length of eight feet and five inches, they are officially the longest snakes in North America. But it’s not just their size that’s capturing people’s attention lately. One Western rat snake in particular has become internet-famous…

DerrickDude / Wikimedia Commons

As the second-largest state in the union, Texas has absolutely no shortage of these types of snakes. Yet, when the Texas State Parks Department tweeted a picture of this one Western rat snake, it caught their followers’ attention—and for good reason!


Here’s a photograph of that particular Western rat snake. Since it was posted, the snake has been dubbed the “Hipster Snake.” Can you see why? Feel free to take a closer look, and you’ll understand why this little guy has been winning hearts everywhere…

Texas State Parks/Karlie Gray

Why, this hipster snake appears to be sporting a pair of stylish sunglasses and an ironic mustache! You can easily make out his Wayfarers and perfectly coiffed mustache in this closeup photo. Not pictured: his kale smoothie and impressive vinyl collection that includes Pavement and LCD Soundsystem.

Texas State Parks/Karlie Gray

As cool as this hipster snake may be, he’s far from the only animal to have strange and funny markings or physical attributes. For example, this cow with the number “7” on her head must consider herself very lucky!

Vale Wood Farms / Facebook

Then there’s Banye, a British shorthair cat who’s also affectionately known as the “OMG Cat.” After all, with the way the black fur on his chin appears, he seems constantly surprised by everything!

If it’s reptiles that you prefer, you’ll love this turtle with a perfectly shaped heart on top of his head. It seems like one could just imagine him introducing hipster snake to his future girlfriend!

Finally, the white spot on Mailo the puppy’s fur looks just like the bat symbol! He probably fights crime alongside the famous Caped Crusader as Ace the Bat-Hound, Batman’s rarely seen dog!

That hipster snake is one seriously chill reptile. It really makes you wonder what other cool snakes are out there, just waiting to be found.

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