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Guy Who Goes Fishing For Dinner Finds Something Terrifying At The End Of His Line

While it’s hard to deny that fishing is pretty low-key as far as outdoor activities go, there are plenty of people out there who truly love it. It can be exciting to be able to spend some time out on the water—and it’s just as thrilling when you finally get a bite at the end of your line.

Passionate fishermen can enjoy the sport wherever there’s something to catch, but it’s probably much more exciting to do it in exotic locales where the fish are bigger, like the Amazon River.

As a region that’s full of a diverse range of wildlife both in and out of the water, it’s an ideal location for curious explorers and nature enthusiasts who love surprises. Needless to say, that’s exactly what professional fisherman Steve Townson experienced when he caught something absolutely massive… and terrifying!

It goes without saying that fishing as a whole is a relatively easygoing sport. Sure, sometimes you reel-in gigantic marlins and tuna fish after a long day, but the majority of the time, you’re sitting around and simply waiting for something to bite.


It’s those precious moments that follow—when you feel a sudden tug on the end of your fishing line—that make the sport so rewarding. It requires a ton of patience, but those who are willing to wait know that it can be totally worth it in the long run.


For those fishermen who have a lot less patience than their diehard counterparts, there are places like the Amazon River that offer up a slew of fish in a hurry. That’s why so many people head down south to see what they can catch in a short amount of time. Usually, though, they don’t encounter monsters like this…


Professional fisherman Steve Townson is not only a world-renowned angler, but he’s spent a lot of time on the Amazon River looking for the biggest and baddest fish around. Just look at him here…

So, when Steve was out on the Amazon River recently, he must have known, at least on some level, that he was likely to find something exotic swimming around in the water—even if he couldn’t predict exactly what it was going to be.


Sure enough, before long, Steve got a bite on his line—and boy, did that fish put up a good fight! At that point, though, it still wasn’t entirely clear what kind of creature it was that he was dealing with. One thing was certain: whatever it was, it was strong.


It was angry, too. You can’t really blame it, either, because there’s no animal on Earth who would enjoy the feeling of having a hook in its mouth when all it was expecting was a bite of a big, juicy worm. But this fish was in a league of his own…


It was clear that this fish in particular was not accustomed to being hooked by anyone. It soon became obvious that Steve didn’t know what he was in for, either. Watch him attempt to reel in the big one—and prepare to be startled when he pulls it out of the water!

What the heck was that thing? That creature is an Arapaima, and it’s one the largest freshwater fish in the world. It can grow to more than 10 feet and weigh 400 pounds, meaning that it can somehow get even bigger than this one!

With a fish that requires two grown men to carry it, you can’t expect many people to want to go swimming in the Amazon River! And can you blame them? Just imagine that gigantic fish on your tail. Talk about a nightmare…

Talk about a catch of the day. The Arapaima is just downright massive. What would you do if you caught something like that?

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