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Guy Replaces Sister’s Goldfish with Carrots… She Still Hasn’t Noticed After Four Days


What started as a prank has just gone to show how utterly disconnected from reality some people actually are these days.

A guy who goes by the name McCrae on Twitter decided to replace his sister’s two pet goldfish with a couple of baby carrots… just to see how long it would take her to notice.

Day three, still nothing.

These are the fish:


And these are the carrots:


People were freaking out wondering if the fish were okay.


(Get it? That’s punny…)

The sad part is, people wanted an update the next day and, sure enough, day four and the girl still didn’t seem to notice her goldfish were… carrots.


So either she’s feeding goldfish food to carrots in a zombie-like state of disconnectedness, or she’s mindlessly killing pet fish she’s already forgot even exist.

How sad.

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