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Grandma Doesn’t Know Camera Is Recording – Captured Footage Has Internet Howling With Laughter

A lot of people will admit to having crazy family members.

It may be a sibling with an attitude, an uncle with a weird accent, or even a crazy grandparent. One granny took things to the next level when it came to embarrassing her family. The best part is, she was just having fun and wasn’t even intentionally trying to embarrass them … or was she?

A group of diners at the Waffle House was in for a real treat. When they looked out the windows of the restaurant, the parking lot was calm for the most part. Nothing really stood out as too different. There were cars going by and people standing around. However, there was one elderly woman who was standing next to a parked car who seemed to be moving strangely.

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She wasn’t just moving, it turns out; she was dancing.

The diners watched as she started to slowly move from side to side. She didn’t seem to worry about the fact that she was being watched. In fact, she didn’t even seem to notice. She was just in a good mood and dancing away.

The guests in the Waffle House weren’t sure how to react. Some of them laughed, some rolled their eyes, and some got out their cameras and decided to videotape the show. Their laughter can be heard in the background, but most of them seem to be impressed by her dance moves.

As she gets a little more comfortable with her surroundings and her muscles get a little more relaxed, her moves start to get even better.

She goes from rocking side to side to moving her arms around. She is spinning and moving in different directions and even gets low at one point.

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From the inside of the restaurant, the diners can’t hear if there is music playing. She definitely seems to be moving to some sort of beat. There is a door open in the background, so maybe she just heard her favorite song and couldn’t help herself. She pulled into the first place she found, turned the radio up, jumped out, and started getting her groove on.

Then again, maybe the whole thing was just a prank.

Perhaps someone talked Granny into putting on a show, so they could entertain some strangers at a Waffle House. No matter what the reason was behind this elderly woman’s little show, she sure had an audience.

What more could you ask for when you are sitting in a restaurant trying to enjoy some breakfast? You don’t see things like this every day. When they happen, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to record them and share them with the world. After all, nobody would believe you if you didn’t have proof.

YouTube Screenshot

The video went viral.

The woman either did her family members proud or embarrassed them beyond belief. Imagine scrolling through your Facebook feed and stopping to watch a silly video about an elderly woman dancing in a Waffle House parking lot only to recognize your own grandma!

Maybe the dancing grandma will put on some more shows in the future. She could probably even teach a dance class if she wanted. At least we know she is healthy and in good shape, and she must have a pretty good sense of humor.

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