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Goat Breaks Glass Door Then Comes Back For More Anarchy

When employees of polyurethane manufacturer Argonics Inc came to work on Monday morning, they found that someone had shattered their office doors. The culprit? A ba-a-a-a-d goat.

CCTV footage – taken at the company’s Louisville, Colorado headquarters – shows the animal ramming one of the glass doors, breaking it, then coming back for the other one. It then flees the scene with its accomplices – a bunch of other goats.

Greg Cappaert with Argonics said that the company’s general manager arrived that morning and found broken glass everywhere.

“His instant reaction is, ‘We’ve been robbed,’” Cappaert said. “So he called police right away, and they are taking pictures and everything, and then he goes and checks the video.”

This led to a funny misunderstanding between the GM and the police.

“At first they thought (the general manager) said ghosts did it, and they thought he was a crazy person,” Cappaert said. “But then he said, ‘No, it was goats. You can come watch the video.’

“Everybody had a good chuckle over it.”

It’s believed that the animal saw its reflection in the glass and thought it was a rival goat. In any case, the suspect is still at large.

Check out the video below.

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