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Girls Devise Ridiculous Plan To Get Rat Out Of Their House And It Actually Worked

One of my favorite board games when I was growing up was “Mouse Trap”. Not only did it advertise itself as “the craziest game you’ll ever see” but it came with a bunch of moving parts and cool little contraptions that was custom built to capture the imaginations of kids everywhere.

Watching these girls use a real-life Mouse Trap scheme to expel a rat from their home makes me very, very happy.

Using strategically placed items and individuals holding broomsticks, they were able to broom-slapshot the rat out of their place. That guy on the bottom must’ve been a hockey or lacrosse player or something because his direct hit is admirable.

And Twitter’s in love with their methodology as well.

Some people kinda felt bad for the rat, though.

While others were simple amazed.

As they should be. I love it when a plan comes together.

h/t Distractify


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