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Feather Brows Is The Newest Trend Nobody Expected

The beauty world never ceases to surprise me. It feels like there is a new trend every other day and each of them is crazier than the one before. And the latest Insta-trend is “feather brows”.

A few days ago Stella Sironen, a Finnish makeup artist, jokingly shared an image on Instagram declaring that this is the new trend. But the internet took it seriously and the trend spread like wildfire.

Now more and more people are jumping on this trend train and sharing the results. Some people love it, some hate it with all their hearts but hey, it’s something new.

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Image credits: Stella Sironen
Image credits: Stella Sironen
Image credits: Kacy Wilkins
Image credits: Sara
Image credits: Maighan
Image credits: Rebekka Theenaart
Image credits: Samantha Marie
Image credits: Tink
Image credits: Kristy
Image credits: Kacy Wilkins

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