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Everybody Loves This Mom For Her Hilarious Stealthy Exit From Her Sleeping Child’s Bedroom

I don’t have any kids of my own, but I am at the age where my friends are having them on purpose, and I really do enjoy seeing them whenever I visit. I’ve had a few upchuck on me over the years, and that’s about as much damage as they’ll do before I hand them back to mom and dad for cleanup duty.

Parents go through a lot, especially during the early years. It starts the second their child is born, and I have no idea if it ever ends. As an adult without kids, you hear some truly horrifying stories, like this one from my buddy that just became a father a few days ago that just popped up:

adam baby

But as many of you know, it doesn’t end there. The most common issue I hear parents mention is getting their kids to go to sleep, and keeping them that way for a few hours.

Parents crawling into cribs, having a baby bed built into their own bed, toys, candles, pictures, and really anything under the sun that has been rumored to even remotely have a chance of putting those kids to sleep has been documented well over the net.

Sneaking out of the bedroom presents its own issue, but this father caught his wife using a unique tactic that may gain popularity with other desperate parents soon enough.

Within hours, the video became a hit and was viewed by millions of people around the world, many of which were parents that commended the mother on her stealthy exit from the room.

fb mom thread 1

The best part was that many in the comments actually utilized this tactic themselves.

fb mom thread 2 fb mom thread 3

I suppose it isn’t all that hard to understand why our parents constantly bring up things they had to put up with when we were babies after watching this. Thanks Mom and Dad!

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