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Dad Asks Pet Cockatoo ‘Do You Love Me?’ And Her Response Is Hysterical!

YouTuber ‘MegaBirdCrazy‘ shared an adorable video of himself with his pet Cockatoo ‘Pebbles’. The video starts with dad asking Pebbles “Do you love me?” and she bursts out in a fit of laughter and hysterical neck twists. Dad obviously doesn’t feel bad about Pebbles’ behavior and he too starts laughing with her. It’s adorable to see the dad actually talk to her and then Pebbles gently snuggles up and kisses him.

She’s very expressive and loud so we can hardly hear what dad says to her but the two are basically seen chilling and having a good time on the couch. “She is just very expressive when she’s ….. expressing,” he wrote about Pebbles. Oh, and you have to hear Pebbles killer sign off. Enjoy the video.

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