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Cute Baby Elephant Throws A Temper Tantrum In The Road, Mom Knows Exactly How To Handle It

Young children will often have a fit if they don’t get what they want – but did you know that young animals will do the same? The baby elephant in this video is clearly not happy with his momma and isn’t afraid to throw a fit!

The elephant first throws himself to the ground in dramatic fashion and then rocks back and forth. Then he slides over onto the road. We aren’t quite sure what he is upset about, but momma elephant isn’t going to give in! She walks past her grumpy kid and ignores his antics!

It seems as if he has some trouble getting up and none of the adult elephants are falling for his tantrum. When no one pays him any attention, he gives up his fit and runs to join them! Watch the video and see if this isn’t exactly what a human child may pull!

h/t Crispy Whisper

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