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Couple Adopts Dying Neighbor’s Kids and Receive an Emotional Surprise

Couple receives an emotional surprise after a selfless act of love that’ll restore your faith in humanity.

Grab the tissues. Here’s a story that restores faith in humanity and one we could all use today. Audrey, a single mother of three, had been feeling very under the weather lately and was suggested by her doctor to pay a visit and get some tests done. In a bind, Audrey asked her neighbor Tisha who she only knew for a little while if she could watch her kids for the night. Tisha agreed and Audrey went to the doctor. The news was not good. Stage two esophageal and stomach cancer that was terminal.


Time was running out for Audrey, but she was ready to fight anyway. Her only concern was making sure her kids were okay. With five kids of her own, Tisha and Audrey didn’t have much time to get to know each other between their busy lives. That didn’t stop Tisha and her husband Kevin from being there for Audrey and her kids. They wanted to help in any way as they knew kids having to watch a mother’s imminent passing is unimaginable.

In her final hours, Audrey asked Tisha if she could watch over her three kids and amazingly, both Kevin and Tisha said yes. Even with five children of their own, they opened their doors to three more.

Below you’ll watch a highly emotional video of this selfless act and a beautiful ending to this story that truly restores faith in humanity. This one teared us up.

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