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Brutally Abused Boxer Still A Gentle Soul, Rescues Mother Cat And Her Kittens

Gina the boxer was brutally abused by her former owners. They chained her outside their home and regularly beat her. But that wasn’t the worst of it, one winter she watched helplessly as her puppies drowned in the mud – her chain was too short to reach them.

Thankfully, the police intervened and soon she was adopted by a loving family with the help of OrphanPet in Greece. After receiving so much love and affection, she had recovered from her horrific past.

One day, as she was on a walk, she alerted her caretaker to the meowing sounds of a group of kittens! The mother cat and her babies were brought home to live with sweet Gina and her adoptive parents.

Now, they’re one big, happy family!

[Source: The Best Cat Page]

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