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Bill Gates Is No Longer The World’s Richest Man

We’ve obviously all been spending far too much money on Prime, because Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos just overtook Bill Gates as the world’s richest man. 

With an estimated wealth of $90.6 billion, he’s a full $500 million ahead of the Microsoft founder.

While it’s worth noting that Jeff’s ascension to the top of the list is only really possible because Bill Gates has given so much money to charity (Forbes reckon $31.1 billion over the course of his life), it’s still an impressive feat.


He’s ahead of the likes of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Oracle chairman Larry Ellison, and 86-year-old business magnate Warren Buffett.

In case you’re interested, Netflix co-founder Reed Hastings is worth around $2.2 billion, CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey is worth $2.1 billion, and the guy who started Google (Larry Page) has a staggering $45.4 billion to his name.

Congrats, we guess…

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