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Australian Fisherman Plays A Game Of Tug Of War With A Pesky Shark 7f72 bf42%2fthumb%2f00001

A pesky shark destroying a fisherman’s net got an earful of expletives after a brief game of tug of war.

In December, 46-year-old fisherman David Wilks and his son had a slight run-in with a 10-foot great white shark off the coast of Port Pirie, South Australia. After getting tied up in their net, the sea monster grabbed a hold of it and refused to let go, prompting a flurry of expletives.

“Fucking go,” Wilks said, pulling the net and the shark out of the water. He even put his hand right on the shark’s nose in an attempt to pry its mouth from the net.

The shark eventually let go, and got a proper Aussie send-off from Wilks.

“Fucking idiot, fuck off,” he told the shark as it swam away unscathed.

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