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Aussies Were Confused By This Strange Ad For VIPoo Pre-Toilet Spray

On Sunday night, Australian television viewers were left perplexed after watching an ad promoting a toilet air freshener that lets you “poopulate” with confidence.

Called the ‘V.I.Poo’, the product is meant to be sprayed BEFORE using the bathroom – as opposed to most air fresheners which are used after you “punish the porcelain.”

Its commercial, which aired during an episode of Australian Ninja Warrior, showed a ‘Hollywood actress’ posing for the cameras before announcing to the audience that even VIPs like her need to do number twos in public. She then explains that to avoid leaving a foul odour for the next user to find, she uses ‘V.I.Poo’ to trap the nasty smells in the bowl.

Social media, of course, had some reactions regarding the tacky (call of) nature of the ad.

Some expressed that the product might be a fake, but Reckitt Benckiser – the company behind the air freshener- assured the public that it is legit. In fact, they even have studies backing up the product’s relevance.

According to research, a majority of Aussies held in poo because they were too embarrassed to do it in a public loo. 29 percent of men are so poo paranoid that they won’t do it at work, while the number is higher for women at 50 percent.

But now, thanks to ‘V.I.Poo’, you’ll never have to worry about anyone getting a waft of your devil’s doughnuts ever again.

Take a bow(el), ‘V.I.Poo’. You deserve it!

Watch the commercial below.


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