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Asia’s Latest Trend For Women’s Underwear Has The Internet Very Confused

Years ago, Jennifer Aniston made history on Friends by not wearing a bra in many of her scenes and leaving no question as to what the precise distance between her nipples was.


Perky nipples poking through shirts became the fashion statement to make. Problem is, not everyone’s nip nips looked like they just jumped out of an ice bath.

So the world was introduced to this little wonder.


With the help of these bad boys, anyone could walk around with the Rachel-Nipple look and not have to worry about whether or not the room’s temperature would rise another 3 degrees.

Not satisfied with fake-nipple bras, it appears that there’s a new undergarment trend that’s all about creating an illusion.

But is it really an illusion you want to create? Because what we’re talking about right here, is camel toe underwear.

That’s right. Underwear that makes you look like your pants are riding up your labia majora.

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 Interestingly, people often conflate “camel toe” with the vagina, but the vagina is actually internal and has nothing to do with camel toe. That’s all about the outer labia majora, which depending on someone’s anatomy, can sometimes be visible through clothing. Anyway, it’s becoming a trend with women in Asia now and we’re pretty confused.

Because you want to spend your time wondering whether or not someone’s camel toe is real.

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Or thinking about their camel toe at all. And even if it is real, doesn’t that get uncomfortable? I’d imagine it’d be like a wedgie. We’re not sure what the motivation behind this underwear is.

They even come in a variety of different colors, too. In case you want to match them with your skin tone.

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And in case you’re wondering if there ever was a celebrity who tried making camel toes happen, there was.

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Christina Milian from Jersey City tried getting it going, but it looks like people weren’t feeling it back in 2004.

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