Ancient Divination For The Next 30 Days According To The Chinese Book Of Changes

Do you like fortune-telling? Today we offer you one of the most ancient methods of fortune-telling according to the Chinese Book of Changes! This divination will tell you what you should expect from life in the next 30 days. It’s pretty simple. All you need to do is look at the following 8 hexagrams and choose the one that appeals to you most. Listen to your heart and your mind.


№1 (Qian) — Creativity. An ocean of ideas and creative decisions is raging inside you. You should listen to your inner voice and go closer to your goal. Do not ignore the inspiration you get. Even if an original thought comes to your head in the middle of the night, do not hesitate and take it into account! Success is literally waiting for you around the corner.

№2 (Kun) — Fulfillment. You feel like your work is completely resultless. You are mistaken! Only patience and work will lead you to real success and happiness. Your close relatives and friends are willing to help and support you. This fact should motivate you greatly. Try not to focus on your future benefits, because these thoughts can distract you from taking efforts that will definitely lead you to success.

№3 (Zhun) — Initial difficulty. You have a dream and you are now striving to make it come true. You are going to face some difficulties! However, keep your head up and do not give up! On the contrary, this can even serve as a source of motivation for you. If you find the strength to move on when you think all the world is against you, you will be able to reach unprecedented heights!

№4 (Meng) — Uncertainty. You are not sure what you really want from life in the near future. This makes unnecessary pauses in developing your favorite business. You are making a big mistake! You should understand that life is full of doubts, but these doubts should not scare you. Take a risk and you will be successful.

№5 (Xu) — Patience. Try to be wise and know when to wait and when to act. Now you need to do everything the way you did before. Do not be lazy, work, self-develop and do not forget to take a rest. This will definitely bring you success.

№6 (Song) — Trial. You will have difficulty communicating with your friends or close people. Do not start a new business because you risk getting a stick in the wheel. And yet, this does not apply to your old affairs! Continue to develop them in the same spirit. Your detractors will be amazed at your success.

№7 (Shi) — Army. At the moment, you are the commander whose decisions determine future success. You need to be wise and carefully think over your ideas and decisions. If you act gradually and carefully, luck will be at your doorstep.

№8 (Bi) — Forthcoming. It is high time for decisive actions! If you have been thinking of a plan or an idea, it is time to take action. You will gain support, help, and an internal upsurge, which will motivate you. Be sure it is your time!

Listen to this fortune-telling as it is really time-tested! Never give up, act and succeed.

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