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Anchorwoman Obliterates Her Male Co-Anchor In The One Chip Challenge

She didn’t break a sweat. He could barely speak.

News anchors Jim Donovan and Rahel Solomon of Philadelphia’s CBS affiliate show Eyewitness News This Morning decided to take the Paqui #OneChipChallenge. It’s quite the punishing task, as anxious consumers film themselves trying to stomach the hideously spicy Carolina Reaper Chip.

In other words, it’s a task that’s designed to decimate the vulnerable and make a spectacle out of their suffering. Hell, it’s made newscasters throw up on live television. Donovan and Solomon had been inclined to try the challenge out after seeing Shaquille O’Neal brave it without wincing.

In the clip, Solomon warns Donovan that she’s Ethiopian and, as a result, has had a high spice tolerance wired into her from an early age. You can probably guess what happens next, but it’s still satisfying to watch: Once Donovan bites into the chip, he begins to writhe in agony. His face becomes a canvas of discomfort, while Solomon remains deliriously sweat-free. She offers him water and milk. She calmly asks if he needs a medic.

One Chip Challenge

SO this happened ! Hats off to Jim for even taking the challenge but leave the spicy food to me, friend!! #onechipchallenge CBS Philly

Posted by Rahel Solomon on Wednesday, November 22, 2017


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