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A Rat Dragged A Whole Trash Bag Across A NYC Sidewalk And It’s So Inspiring

Move over, Pizza Rat. New York City has a new hero to look up to: Trash Bag Rat.

In Brooklyn recently, an intrepid rat was seen dragging a whole garbage bag across the sidewalk just to get the prize inside: a leftover pizza crust.

Leigh Connor witnessed and filmed the incident early Thursday morning near Dean Street and Kingston Avenue.

“I was getting on my bike and saw a trash bag moving, seemingly on its own,” Conner said. “When I saw that it was being moved by a rat I started filming.”

The following video shows the inspiring attempt, with the rodent pulling and gnawing at the bag before finally able to pluck the pizza inside. However, moments later, the animal bafflingly abandons the dough and disappears into a hole.

Conner added: “It was funny, because I had a conversation about pizza rat just the night before, making it an especially strange sighting.”

According to a resident, rats are a big problem in the neighbourhood, so he filled in the hole where the rodent disappeared the following Monday. However, if there’s anything we’ve learned about NYC’s furry inhabitants, nothing can ever stop them from reaching their dreams!

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