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60 Realistic Cartoon Characters You Would Run Away From If You Met Them In Real Life

#31 Alex Louis Armstrong From Full Metal Alchemist

Image source: Jonathan Roméo

#32 Toph Beifong From Avatar: The Last Airbender

Image source: Victor Hugo

#33 The White Rabbit From Alice In Wonderland

Image source: 

#34 Bert From Sesame Street

Image source: 

#35 Groundskeeper Willie From The Simpsons

Image source: Amroosi

#36 Krumm From Aaaahhh!!! Real Monsters

Image source: Jared Krichevsky

#37 Dungeon Master From Dungeons And Dragons

Image source: mataleoneRJ

#38 Johnny Bravo And Daphne From Johnny Bravo/Scooby Doo Chase

Image source: Nauman Khan

#39 Piccolo Daimao From Dragon Ball Z

Image source: Fabian Roldan

#40 Beavis And Butt-Head

Image source: mataleoneRJ


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