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30 Times Parents Destroyed Their Kids On Facebook

Many kids like to show off on social media, but some are learning the hard way that there are consequences to trying to look cool, especially if you’re Facebook friends with your parents! Because as you can see from this funny list, kids are getting trolled by their very own folks, from the girl whose dad told her she’d make a good prostitute to the guy whose mom admitted to smoking more meth than he did. Remember to think twice the next time your parents send you a friend request…

#1 Damn Mom

Damn Mom

#2 Dad Won The Internet

Dad Won The Internet

#3 Girlfriend


#4 The Last Boob U Touched

The Last Boob U Touched

#5 Thug Life

Thug Life

#6 Feminist Mom

Feminist Mom

#7 Taylor Swift Has Some Catchy Tunes

Taylor Swift Has Some Catchy Tunes

#8 Thug Life

Thug Life

#9 Mom Won

Mom Won

#10 Just A Reminder

Just A Reminder

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