27 Employees Reveal Their Steamy Business Trip Hookups

The worst feeling in the world is when you’re in a relationship and you find out that the other person cheated on you. It might not be physically, but seeing them flirt with someone else, sharing sexts or photos or images, it’s a gut-punch that’s hard to stomach and even more difficult to overcome. No one likes being rejected.

Unfortunately though, people find themselves in unfulfilling relationships or subconsciously try to sabotage them for whatever reason, so they allow themselves

  • 1.

    I had a steamy one night stand when away on a business trip.... and I can't stop thinking about him
  • 2.

    I made a bet that my coworker would sleep with me on a business trip. I won
  • 3.

    I gave a coworker a bj while on a business trip after he told me his wife hadn't given him one in years. I feel so much guilt now. I cannot let my husband find out.
  • 4.

    Hooked up with a guy friend of mine while on my business trip. It was my first time with a guy and it was amazing! I'm a guy
  • 5.

    I cheated on my boyfriend twice while I've been on my business trip. Once with my co worker, and then with a CEO of an architect firm.
  • 6.

    I had sex with a guy on a business trip, and now I'm pregnant. I have no way of finding him!!
  • 7.

    Last month on a business trip I had sex with another woman for the first time. I have not told my husband.
  • 8.

    I cheated on my wife while away on a business trip... now the guilt is eating me alive
  • 9.

    On a business trip. Last night I seduced my boss. We loved it. He wants me to stay late again tonight. He will help me.
  • 10.

    I'm a married guy, and I had sex with a guy on a business trip. I was so damned curious about it. Bucket list item.
  • 11.

    Last year I cheated on my wife with a prostitute while on a business trip.. I think she's known ever since
  • 12.

    I cheated on my husband with my much older boss on a business trip recently
  • 13.

    I cheated on my husband with my ex boyfriend while on a business trip. Now I can't stop thinking about how good the sex with my ex boyfriend has always been. He's like my sex soulmate.


    • 14.

      I hooked up with someone from work on a business trip and the stress is overtaking my life. Worse because I think I like him. And I have a long distance boyfriend. And neither of them know.
    • 15.

      My coworker and I hooked up on a business trip. I know we are attracted to each other, but he has a fiancé. I'm falling for him. I don't know what to do.
    • 16.

      I went on a business trip and slept with a colleague. Now back home trying to act normal it was for fun I hope he thinks so too.
    • 17.

      I had sex with my manager on a business trip while my other coworkers were asleep in the same suite
    • 18.

      The best sex I ever had was on a business trip with my coworker. I hated him for so long before that but now I know he gives great oral.
    • 19.

      During a business trip a few years ago, I had sex with my boss. I still work for him and we never talk about it.
    • 20.

      I'm about to quit my job but waited one more week so I could go on another business trip where I just had sex with a lot of random guys.
    • 21.

      On a business trip and I slept with a guy I met at a bar. I feel like such a cliche.
    • 22.

      My office accidentally booked one room for me and my boss during a business trip. I got to sex with him because of it.
    • 23.

      I had sex with a guy I met in Vegas on a business trip. I checked out his Facebook and saw he had a wife & kids.
    • 24.

      I slept with the CEO of a competing firm when I was on a business trip. Now he won't stop calling.
    • 25.

      I always sleep with random guys I meet on business trips. If you can't enjoy the locals then why travel at all?
    • 26.

      I had the best rebound sex during a business trip. Threesomes fix everything.
    • 27.

      Slept with someone while on my business trip and now I don't know how to tell my fiancé and I feel disgusted with myself 😢

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