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20 Photos of People’s Last Wishes Being Fulfilled

Single Father With Terminal Cancer’s Final Wish Came True When He Found A Foster Family For His Four-Year-Old Son Before Dying

Dying Dad Walks His 11-Year-Old Daughter Down The ‘Aisle’ To Give Her A Lasting Memory

Cancer-Stricken Son Holds Dying Dad’s Hand One Last Time

My Grandma Wanted To See The Ocean One Last Time Before Checking Into Hospice. Her Face Says It All

A Former Show Jumper Crippled By Parkinson’s Disease Fulfills Her Dream Of Riding A Horse For The Final Time At The Age Of 87

Dying World War Two Engineer Gets Last Wish Granted: To Be Reunited With Iconic Plane, After Bosses See Him Staring Forlornly Through Fence From His Wheelchair

After 75 Years Of Marriage, This Couple Died In Each Others’ Arms Hours Apart

Dying Vietnam Vet Asks For A Final Meeting With Beloved Horses Outside Hospital

Tijn Has One Last Wish: To Prevent Children Dying From Pneumonia. So He Challenged People To Paint Their Nails And Donate Money. He Has Raised Over 2.6 Million Euros To This Day

Hospice Patient Receives Dying Wish To Snuggle Some Kittens

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