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These 20 Mysterious Photos Have No Reason To Exist

Photography captures a moment in time, and often can create a mystery as well when strange figures or events are frozen on film for people to endlessly share and scrutinize. While most mysterious photos have a reasonable explanation, not all can be easily dismissed.  Check out these 20 mysterious photos for which a logical explanation has yet to be found.

The Hampton Court Ghost

Spotted in 2003 on security footage, this specter raised eyebrows when a fire alarm sounded.  Guards checked every door, only to find each one locked and bolted.  Then this image turned up on the security tapes.  Nobody knows how the alarm sounded, or what this image is.

Naga Lights

These fireballs turn up all over the Mekong River in Thailand and Laos.  The basketball-shaped fireballs rose from the water, shot into the air and vanished. Scientists have proposed escaping gas as the cause, but no definitive answer has yet been presented.

Freddy Jackson’s Ghost

Photographed in 1919, this spectral image turned up in a photograph of the crew of the HMS Daedalus. All who saw the photo confirmed that it was of Freddy Jackson…who had died two days prior to the photo being taken.

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